Nicohit Nic Salts 10ml/20mg


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Nicohit Nic Salts 10ml/20mg

Elevate your vaping experience with Nicohit Nic Salts, available exclusively on our online retail platform. Our 50/50 nicotine salts offer a perfect balance for enthusiasts seeking a smooth and satisfying draw. Crafted with precision, these premium blends ensure an enjoyable vape session every time. Explore an extensive range of vape products tailored to meet your preferences. With Nicohit Nic Salts, immerse yourself in rich flavours and an unparalleled vaping journey. Join the community of satisfied customers who choose quality and excellence.



Premium 50/50 Blend: A meticulously crafted combination of nicotine and base for a balanced vape.

Smooth Draw: Experience a seamless and enjoyable inhale with our specially formulated nicotine salts.

Enhanced Vaping Experience: Elevate your satisfaction with Nicohit Nic Salts, designed for discerning vapers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix different Nic Salt flavours?
Absolutely! Feel free to experiment and create your unique blends for a personalised vaping experience.

Are Nic Salts suitable for beginners?
Yes, our 50/50 nic salts are crafted to cater to both beginners and seasoned vapers, ensuring a smooth transition.