Seriously Bar Salts 10MG

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Seriously Bar Salts 10MG

Indulge in the world of Seriously Bar Salts E-liquids, crafted by the seasoned mixologists at Doozy Vape Co. Immerse your senses in a diverse array of flavours reminiscent of those found in disposable vapes, spanning fruit, menthol, and soda varieties. These exquisite e-liquids, available in 10mg, are meticulously blended with salt nicotine, ensuring a velvety throat hit and swift satisfaction of your cravings. Ideal for Mouth To Lung (MTL) vape kits and pods, this collection guarantees a vaping experience that’s both smooth and exhilarating.



Salt Nicotine Blend: Enjoy a smoother throat hit and rapid nicotine absorption with our expertly crafted salt nicotine blend.

Disposable Vape Inspired Flavours: Immerse yourself in a variety of flavours inspired by popular disposable vapes, ranging from fruity delights to refreshing menthol and invigorating soda blends.

10mg Strength: Find your perfect balance with a 10mg nicotine strength, delivering a satisfying vaping experience without overwhelming intensity.


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use Seriously Bar Salts E-liquids?
For optimal results, pair these e-liquids with Mouth To Lung (MTL) vape kits and pods.

What makes salt nicotine different?
Salt nicotine offers a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine absorption compared to traditional freebase nicotine.

Are Seriously Bar Salts suitable for heavy smokers?
Absolutely. The 10mg strength provides a satisfying experience, making it suitable for those transitioning from traditional smoking.