Nasty Juice Nic Salts 10mg


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Nasty Juice Nic Salts 10mg

Discover the ultimate vaping experience with Nasty Juice Nic Salts 10mg. Our curated range combines all your favourite Nasty Juice flavours, alongside exciting new additions, to deliver a unique nic salt e-liquid collection. Specifically crafted for MTL vape kits, these salts are designed to satisfy your cravings, providing a smooth and intense hit of nicotine. Indulge in popular blends like ASAP Grape and Bad Blood, now elevated with our proprietary nicotine salt formula for an even smoother vaping experience. As a leading online retailer of vape products, we bring you the best in quality and taste. Explore the world of Nasty Juice Nic Salts today.



Nicotine Strength: Nasty Nic Salts offer a satisfying nicotine hit with a concentration of 10mg.

MTL Compatibility: Tailored for MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) vaping, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Flavour Variety: Experience a fusion of popular Nasty Juice flavours, both classic and new, in one comprehensive collection.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are Nasty Nic Salts different from regular e-liquids?
Our Nic Salts are formulated with nicotine salts, providing a smoother and more satisfying vaping experience compared to traditional e-liquids.

Can I use Nasty Nic Salts with any vape kit?
These salts are specifically crafted for MTL vape kits, ensuring optimal performance and flavour delivery.

What flavours are included in the Nasty Nic Salts collection?
The collection features a blend of popular Nasty Juice flavours, including ASAP Grape and Bad Blood, offering a diverse and enjoyable vaping experience.