Vaporesso QF Coils


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Vaporesso QF Coils

Enhance your vaping experience with the Vaporesso SKRR QF Vape Coils, specifically designed for use with the Vaporesso SKRR Tank, Luxe Kit, and Vaporesso Gen Kit. These coils come in 0.15 Ohm or 0.2 Ohm resistance, catering to sub-ohm enthusiasts. Crafted for optimal performance, the coils utilize Flex Fiber organic cotton wicks, ensuring not only a burst of clear flavour but also an extended lifespan for your coils. Elevate your sub-ohm vaping game with commitment to quality and innovation.



Sub-Ohm Excellence: Experience sub-ohm vaping at its finest with 0.15 Ohm or 0.2 Ohm resistance options.

Flex Fiber Organic Cotton: The coils feature Flex Fiber organic cotton wicks, delivering unparalleled flavour clarity and coil longevity.

Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with SKRR Tank, Luxe Kit, and Gen Kit, ensuring versatility and convenience.

Premium Construction: Crafted with precision and quality materials for a reliable and satisfying vaping experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these coils compatible with the Vaporesso Luxe Kit?
Yes, the SKRR QF Vape Coils are designed for use with the Luxe Kit, providing a seamless fit.

What is the recommended wattage range for these coils?
The recommended wattage range is between 50W and 80W, ensuring optimal performance and flavour production.

Can I use these coils for regular, non-sub ohm vaping?
These coils are specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping and may not provide the best experience for regular vaping.