Aspire Cleito Coils


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Aspire Cleito Coils

Introducing the Aspire Cleito Replacement Vape Coils, meticulously crafted for exclusive compatibility with the Aspire Cleito vape tank and the Aspire Cleito EXO vape tank. These high-performance sub-ohm coils boast the use of Clapton Kanthal wire, ensuring a rapid and uniform heat distribution for an enhanced vaping experience. Elevate your vaping pleasure with coils designed to deliver faster heating times and a consistently improved vape. As a premier online retailer specializing in vape products, we proudly offer the Cleito Coils to our discerning customers, promising an unrivaled combination of quality and performance.



Clapton Kanthal Wire: The Cleito Coils feature Clapton Kanthal wire, optimizing heat distribution for quicker and more even heating.

Sub-Ohm Capability: Unlock the world of sub-ohm vaping with coils tailored for the Cleito and Cleito EXO tanks.

Enhanced Vape Experience: Experience an improved vape with these coils, ensuring a satisfying and flavourful draw.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these coils compatible with any other tanks?
No, the Cleito Coils are specifically designed for use with the Aspire Cleito and Cleito EXO tanks.

How often should I replace the Cleito Coils?
For optimal performance, it is recommended to replace the coils every 1-2 weeks, depending on usage.

Can I use these coils for temperature control vaping?
No, these coils are designed for wattage mode and are not suitable for temperature control vaping.