OXVA XLIM SE Kit + 5 Nic Salts


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OXVA XLIM SE Kit + 5 Nic Salts

Enhance your vaping experience with the OXVA XLIM SE Kit + 5 Nic Salts. This all-inclusive kit combines the cutting-edge OXVA XLIM SE VAPE KIT with a selection of 5 random nicotine salts. You have the flexibility to choose the strength that suits your preferences. The streamlined design of the XLIM SE VAPE KIT makes it a versatile and practical choice for vapers. Equipped with a high-performance mesh coil, it ensures efficient e-liquid consumption for a rich and satisfying vape. The 900mAh integrated battery sets this kit apart, providing robust power for a day-long vaping experience. With adjustable power output ranging from 5 to 25W, you can easily tailor your vapour production.



Mesh Coil Efficiency: The included mesh coil maximizes e-liquid consumption, delivering a deeper and more flavourful vape.

900mAh Integrated Battery: Enjoy extended vaping sessions with the powerful 900mAh battery, surpassing similar pod kits in longevity.

Adjustable Power Output (5 – 25W): Take control of your vaping experience by adjusting the power output to match your desired vapour production.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the nicotine strength for the random salts?
Absolutely! You have the flexibility to select the nicotine strength that best suits your vaping preferences.

How long does the 900mAh battery last on a full charge?
The powerful 900mAh battery ensures your kit will last the entire day, even under maximum output conditions.

What is the advantage of the mesh coil in the XLIM SE VAPE KIT?
The mesh coil enhances e-liquid consumption, providing a more efficient and flavourful vaping experience.


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