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Vaporesso Swag Kit 80w

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Vaporesso Swag Kit 80w

Introducing the Vaporesso Swag Kit with NRG SE Tank – a cutting-edge vaping solution that elevates your experience with innovative IML technology. This sleek device is powered by a single high-rate 18650 battery, delivering a robust maximum output of 80W for an exceptional sub-ohm vaping adventure. As a leading online retailer specializing in vape products, we’re excited to offer this high-performance kit that guarantees a satisfying and flavourful vape every time. Immerse yourself in the world of Vaporesso Swag and discover the perfect balance of style and substance.



Innovative IML Technology: The Vaporesso Swag Kit stands out with its In-Mould Labeling (IML) technology, ensuring a durable and visually stunning design.

Single High-Rate 18650 Battery: Powered by a single 18650 battery, the Swag Kit provides reliable and long-lasting performance for extended vaping sessions.

80W Maximum Output: Experience the thrill of powerful sub-ohm vaping with a maximum output of 80W, allowing you to customise your experience to suit your preferences.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge the Vaporesso Swag Kit?
The kit can be charged using a micro USB cable. Simply connect it to a power source for convenient charging.

Is the Swag Kit suitable for beginners?
While it’s user-friendly, it’s recommended for users with some vaping experience due to its sub-ohm capabilities.

Can I use other tanks with the Swag Kit?
Yes, the device is compatible with a variety of tanks, offering versatility in your vaping options.