Magic Bars 20MG 600 Puff Disposable (Pack of 10)

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Magic Bars 20MG 600 Puff Disposable (Pack of 10)

Discover the exceptional Magic Bar 20MG 600 Puff Disposable, available in a convenient pack of 10. Our premium Magic Bar disposable vape stands out in the competitive world of disposable vapes, renowned for its user-friendly design suitable for both beginners and seasoned vapers. With thirty delectable flavours, our Magic Bar caters to diverse palates, securing its place at the pinnacle of the modern vape industry. The Magic Bars boasts a unique 550mAh in-built battery, ensuring optimal functionality throughout its usage.



User-Friendly Design: The Magic Bar disposable vape is crafted with a user-friendly approach, making it ideal for beginners and vapers of all levels.

30 Delicious Flavours: Choose from a wide array of thirty delicious flavours, ranging from fruity to exotic, ensuring a taste for every preference.

550mAh In-Built Battery: Experience prolonged usage with the Magic Bar’s unique in-built 550mAh battery, providing consistent and reliable power.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many puffs can I expect from Magic Bars?
Each Magic Bar offers approximately 600 puffs, ensuring a lasting vaping experience.

Can I recharge the Magic Bar’s battery?
No, the Magic Bar features a disposable design and cannot be recharged.