Kingston Sweets E-Liquid 100ml


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Kingston Sweets E-Liquid 100ml

Embark on a sensory journey with the Kingston Sweets E-Liquid 100ml range. Perfectly crafted for discerning vapers, this collection boasts 10 exhilarating zingy flavours that redefine your vaping expectations. The 70VG/30PG blend ensures a seamless balance of cloud production and intense flavour. Each bottle is a testament to our commitment to quality, providing 100ml of vaping pleasure. The Kingston Sweets Range is a must-have for those seeking a premium vaping experience. Explore a symphony of taste with every inhale, as this collection transforms your device into a flavourful masterpiece.



70VG/30PG Blend: Enjoy the perfect balance of vapour production and flavour intensity with our meticulously crafted e-liquid blend.

100ml Bottle: Generous in size, our 100ml bottles ensure a long-lasting and satisfying vaping experience, minimizing the need for frequent refills.

Premium Quality: Crafted with precision and care, Kingston Sweets E-Liquid guarantees a premium vaping experience that meets the highest industry standards.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many flavours are included in the Kingston Sweets Range?
The Sweets E-Liquid 100ml range features 10 unique and zingy flavours for a diverse vaping experience.

What is the VG/PG ratio of Kingston E-Liquid?
Our e-liquid boasts a smooth 70VG/30PG blend, ensuring a harmonious balance of vapour and flavour.

How much e-liquid is in each bottle?
Each Kingston E-Liquid bottle contains a generous 100ml, providing an extended and satisfying vaping experience.