Kingston Menthol E-Liquid 100ml


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Kingston Menthol E-Liquid 100ml

Discover the invigorating Kingston Menthol E-Liquid, a sublime blend of fruity notes harmoniously intertwined with the chilling touch of menthol. Whether you crave a burst of fruitiness with an ice-cold menthol finish or prefer the pure coolness of mint, this 100ml bottle delivers satisfaction. Our vape products, available on our retail website, guarantee a premium experience with a balanced 70VG/30PG ratio. Immerse yourself in the world of refreshing vapour, carefully crafted for enthusiasts who appreciate the perfect marriage of flavour and chill.



Fruity-Menthol Fusion: Enjoy delightful blends of fruitiness and ice-cold menthol.

Minty or Super Ice Menthol Options: Tailor your experience with the choice of a minty or super ice menthol hit.

100ml Bottle Size: Generous sizing ensures long-lasting enjoyment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose between minty and super ice menthol?
You can select your preferred menthol intensity during the ordering process. Simply choose between the minty or super ice menthol options.

Is this e-liquid suitable for sub-ohm vaping?
Absolutely! Kingston Menthol E-Liquid with its 70VG/30PG ratio is perfect for sub-ohm vaping, delivering a smooth and satisfying experience.

What fruits are blended with the menthol in this e-liquid?
Our Kingston Menthol E-Liquid features a delightful mix of various fruits, creating a unique and refreshing flavour profile.