Hayati Remix Pre Filled Pods 2400 (Pack of 4)

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Hayati Remix Pre-Filled Pods 2400 (Pack of 4)

Prefilled Hayati Remix 2400 pods are a recent addition to the Hayati product line. These are the only Pods made specifically for the Hayati Remix 2400 Pod Kits. There are 2 milliliters of e-liquid in each of these pods, good for 600 puffs. These pods have a pleasant throat impact and quickly release taste. They are made specifically with mouth-to-lung (MTL) in mind.

These pods are readily attachable and removable. Once you’ve used up all of your preferred flavour, remove. Now you switch tastes without wasting much time. The flavours found in Hayati Disposable Vapes are combined in the Hayati Remix 2400.


  • 4 x 2ml Prefilled Flavoured Pods
  • Pods contain 2 ml of e-liquid
  • Upto 2400 Puff
  • MTL Vaping Experience
  • Compatible with Hayati Remix 2400 4 in 1 Pod Kit



Package Contains

  • 4 x Fiji Hayati Remix 2400 Pods
  • 1 x User Manual