Bloody Mary BM600 Disposables 2% (Pack of 10)

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Bloody Mary BM600 Disposables 2% (Pack of 10)

Introducing the Bloody Mary BM600 Disposables 2% (Pack of 10), the pinnacle of vaping convenience. Engineered with a powerful 550mAh inbuilt battery, this device guarantees an impressive 600 puffs, equivalent to approximately 20 traditional cigarettes. The 1.2 Ohm meshed coil ensures not only a rich flavour profile but also a smooth throat hit, providing an unparalleled vaping experience. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the world of e-cigarettes, the BM600 promises reliability and satisfaction in every puff. Elevate your vaping journey with this disposable marvel.



550mAh Inbuilt Battery: The BM600 boasts a high-capacity battery for prolonged usage, ensuring you enjoy a seamless vaping experience without the need for constant recharging.

Up to 600 Puffs: With a remarkable puff count, this device offers long-lasting usage, providing the equivalent of approximately 20 traditional cigarettes.

1.2 Ohm Meshed Coil: Experience enhanced flavour delivery and a smooth throat hit with the advanced 1.2 Ohm meshed coil, setting the BM600 apart in the world of disposables.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many puffs can I expect from one BM600 device? A1: The Bloody Mary BM600 offers an impressive 600 puffs, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience.

Is the battery rechargeable? A2: No, the BM600 comes equipped with an inbuilt 550mAh battery that is not rechargeable, providing the convenience of a disposable device.

What is the nicotine strength of the BM600 Disposables? A3: The BM600 features a 2% nicotine strength, offering a balanced and enjoyable vaping experience.