Bar Juice 5000 20mg (Pack of 10)

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Bar Juice 5000 20mg (Pack of 10)

Indulge in the vibrant world of Bar Juice 5000 e-liquid, meticulously crafted to replicate your beloved disposable vape flavours. Explore an extensive range of enticing bar juice flavours, ranging from fruity sensations to refreshing menthol vapes. With a perfectly balanced 50% VG concentration, these e-liquids produce a discreet amount of vapour, ideally suited for Mouth To Lung (MTL) kits like pod vapes and starter kits. Immerse yourself in satisfaction as these nic salts combines its premium e-liquid with salt nicotine, ensuring a velvety throat hit that swiftly appeases cravings.



Rich Variety: Experience an array of bar juice flavours, meticulously curated to suit diverse preferences.

50% VG Concentration: Delivers a controlled vapour output, ideal for MTL kits, ensuring a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

Salt Nicotine Blend: Crafted with salt nicotine for a smoother throat hit and rapid satisfaction of nicotine cravings.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VG concentration of these nic salts?
Bar Juice 5000 features a 50% VG concentration, ensuring a balanced vaping experience.

Can I use these nic salts with any vape kit?
This nic salt range is designed for Mouth To Lung (MTL) kits, including pod vapes and starter kits.

How does salt nicotine enhance the vaping experience?
Salt nicotine in these nic salts provides a smoother throat hit, ensuring a more satisfying vaping experience.