Watermelon Ice by Nicohit Salts 10ml


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Watermelon Ice by Nicohit Salts 10ml


Indulge in the ultimate refreshment with Watermelon Ice by Nicohit. Immerse yourself in the succulent and mouth-watering essence of ripe watermelon, elegantly served on a bed of icicles that brings a chilly, invigorating twist to your vape. Let the juicy sweetness of watermelon dance on your palate while the cooling icicles add a revitalizing touch, making every inhale a truly refreshing experience. Elevate your vape with this delightful fusion of flavour and chill.


  • Succulent and mouth-watering watermelon.
  • Chilly bed of icicles for a refreshing twist.

Q. Can I use this e-liquid in sub-ohm devices?
Watermelon Ice is optimally enjoyed in pod systems and lower-wattage devices.

Q. What nicotine strengths are available?
Select from various nicotine strengths to match your preference and cravings.

Q. Is the cooling sensation overpowering or subtle?
The cooling effect is balanced, providing a refreshing kick without overshadowing the watermelon sweetness.

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