Watermelon Breeze by Pod Salt


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Watermelon Breeze by Pod Salt

Dive into the refreshing Watermelon Breeze Salt Nicotine E-Liquid by Pod Salt. This tropical fruit fusion offers the succulent essence of juicy, sweet watermelon. Enhanced with a cooling hint, a frosty ice bite complements the luscious watermelon flavour, creating a uniquely sharp and invigorating vape.


  • Juicy and sweet watermelon blend.
  • Refreshing cooling sensation.
  • Nicotine salt formulation for smoother satisfaction.

Q: Can I use this e-liquid in pod devices?

A: Absolutely, Watermelon Breeze Salt Nicotine E-Liquid is designed for pod systems, ensuring optimal enjoyment.

Q: What’s the nicotine strength range available?

A: Select from a range of nicotine strengths to match your preference and cravings.

Q: Is the cooling hint overpowering?

A: No, the cooling hint is delicately balanced, adding a refreshing twist without overshadowing the watermelon sweetness.

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11mg, 20mg

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