Trap Queen Nasty Juice 5 x 10ml By Nasty Juice


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Trap Queen Nasty Juice 5 x 10ml By Nasty Juice

The “Trap Queen 5 x 10ml By Nasty Juice” is an e-liquid for vaping that will revolutionise your vaping experience. This product, created by Nasty Juice, a well-known brand in the business, is intended to entice your taste buds with the ideal combination of flavours.

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Ripe & Juicy Strawberry: You’ll be welcomed with the mouthwatering flavour of ripe, juicy strawberries as soon as you take a breath.

Subtle floral undertones: The flavour profile is made more nuanced by the subtle floral undertones that you’ll detect as you exhale.

Refreshing Low Mint: The distinctive low mint finish of Trap Queen is what makes it stand out. Each puff feels crisp and revitalising due to the chilly and energising sensation it leaves behind.

This e-liquid’s formulation includes nicotine salts, which results in a smoother and more gratifying nicotine hit than typical e-liquids. It’s ideal for anyone seeking a more

Frequently Asked Questions
Nasty Juice Trap Queen

What is Trap Queen Nasty Juice’s nicotine content?
A variety of nicotine levels are offered in Trap Queen Nasty Juice to suit your preferences. Please look at the product selections to see what nicotine levels are offered.

Is this e-liquid appropriate for use with sub-ohm mods?
Trap Queen Nasty Juice can be used with some sub-ohm settings, although it is primarily intended for pod systems and lower-powered devices.

Can Trap Queen Nasty Juice be used in systems with refillable pods?
A: The majority of refillable pod systems are compatible with Trap Queen Nasty Juice. Simply check to see if your device is compatible with nicotine salt e-liquids.

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