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Study Finds That Switching to Vaping Could Save Smokers an Average Of £780 Per Year 

Aside from the fleeting sense of relief, you experience from nicotine cravings, the act of smoking is pretty much a long list made up entirely of disadvantages 

First off, there’s the cocktail of potentially lethal chemicals and toxins which seep into your bloodstream and wreak havoc on your body each and every time you light up. Then, there’s the issue of premature ageing and damage to the skin caused by a deprivation of oxygen to the skin tissues. Next, the increased risk of illness and infection due to your immune system being compromised by the tar and chemicals present in traditional tobacco. Add to this concerning list the deterioration of your sense of smell and taste, the perpetually-musty stink of stale tobacco on your clothes and hair, the risk of sexual dysfunction and the danger you pose to everyone around you whenever you make the decision to smoke.  

If these unpleasant repercussions aren’t enough to make you seek alternative options for your nicotine fix, then the eye-watering and ever-increasing cost of smoking might – especially when a recent study found that

 “a third of smokers list cost as an important factor driving their desire to quit.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK’s tobacco control manager Kruti Shrotri stated that “quitting smoking is the single best thing a smoker can do for their health. And e-cigarettes are one of the many tools that can help. We need more research to determine the long-term effects, but studies so far have shown that e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco. With a more affordable price tag, it’s an alternative option for smokers looking to quit and make savings.”

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Take Control!

So take back control of your finances and, more importantly, take back control of your health with the help of Premium Online Vaping. Our customer care team are available to offer expert advice regarding absolutely any area of vaping and can help you decide on a device which meets your needs and pleases your pocket.

And with the massive savings, you’re likely to enjoy from switching to vaping, all that’s left to do is find an e-cigarette which matches your flip flops as you plan the idyllic summer holiday that the cost of smoking prevented you from enjoying.

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