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Sour Watermelon Ice Blast by TNGO 200ml


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Sour Watermelon Ice Blast by TNGO 200ml

Sour Watermelon Ice Blast by TNGO 200ml e-liquid brings you to a wholesome fresh fruity experience. Lighten the load with Tngo sour watermelon ice blast e-liquid and rest with the best. Tngo watermelon ice blast vape juice is a light delightful experience that will energize with every single puff. On inhale immediately a cool sweet-sour watermelon fills your mouth that like a candy keeps on giving. A breeze with a hint of sweetness goes through as you exhale. Kick back and relax you deserve it.

The blend of tropical fruits that makes your vaping cool, crisp, and playful on every puff. Sweet and juicy on the inhale while soothing on the exhale.

  • 200ml
  • 70/30 VG/PG
  • Flavours : Cola, Fizzy Drinks

Part of the TNGO range by TNGO.

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