Sour Green Apple by IVG Nic Salts 10ml


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Sour Green Apple by IVG Nic Salts 10ml

Indulge in the irresistible tang of Sour Green Apple by IVG, a truly mouth-puckering e-liquid that captures the essence of freshly picked green apples. With each inhale, experience the sharp and zesty notes of sour apple that awaken your taste buds and provide a burst of exhilarating flavour. As you exhale, the sourness transforms into a subtly sweet undertone, leaving a delightful and lingering aftertaste. Sour Green Apple is a bold and refreshing e-liquid that perfectly balances sour and sweet, making it a must-try for vapers seeking an exciting and invigorating vape.
Sour Green Apple By IVG Features:
* 10ml E-Liquid
* 50% VG / 50% PG
* 10mg – 20mg Nicotine Strengths
* Blended For MTL Vape Kits
Which nicotine strength is suitable for me?
The available nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg cater to different nicotine preferences, allowing you to choose the strength that suits you best.

Does Sour Green Apple offer a balanced blend of sourness and sweetness?
Absolutely, the e-liquid starts with a tangy sourness that transitions into a subtle sweetness, creating a well-rounded flavour profile.

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10mg, 20mg

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