Smooth Tobacco by Kilo Salts


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Smooth Tobacco by Kilo Salts


Indulge in the classic allure of Smooth Tobacco by Kilo Salts. This set offers 10 bottles of 10ml each, delivering a timeless and satisfying tobacco experience. With every inhale, embrace the smoothness of meticulously crafted tobacco, followed by a satisfying exhale that captures the essence of traditional tobacco flavour. Meticulously formulated, this nicotine salt e-liquid provides a balanced and authentic tobacco vaping experience, perfect for those seeking a rich and genuine tobacco taste. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Smooth Tobacco, delivering the essence of a classic tobacco blend.

Timeless Tobacco Taste: Immerse yourself in the authentic and smooth tobacco flavour, offering a classic and satisfying experience.

Balanced Flavour Profile: The formulation captures the essence of traditional tobacco, providing a balanced and genuine taste.

Nicotine Strength Variation: Choose from varying nicotine strengths in the set of 10ml bottles, allowing for a personalized and satisfying vape.

Genuine Tobacco Experience: The rich and authentic tobacco flavours of Smooth Tobacco deliver a satisfying and genuine tobacco vaping journey, perfect for tobacco enthusiasts.

Is this e-liquid suitable for pod systems?
Yes, Smooth Tobacco by Kilo Salts is designed for pod systems, delivering an authentic and smooth tobacco flavour.

What nicotine strengths are available in the set?
The set typically offers varying nicotine strengths in each 10ml bottle, catering to different preferences.

Does it provide an authentic tobacco experience?
Absolutely, Smooth Tobacco offers a meticulously crafted and authentic tobacco flavour, perfect for those seeking a classic tobacco taste.

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