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Raspberry by Ultimate Salts on Ice 10ml

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Raspberry by Ultimate Salts on Ice 10ml


Indulge in the exquisite taste of Ultimate Puff On Ice – Raspberry. Delicately capturing the essence of ripe, sweet raspberries, this e-liquid delivers an explosion of flavour that’s both vibrant and satisfying. What sets this blend apart is the addition of a super ice-cold blast, elevating the experience to new heights of refreshment.

Delicate and sweet ripe raspberry explosion.
Enhanced with a super ice-cold blast for a refreshing finish.
Crafted to perfection for a vibrant and satisfying flavour.
Compatible with various vaping devices for your convenience.

How would you describe the flavour profile of Ultimate Puff On Ice – Raspberry?
This e-liquid offers a delicate and sweet ripe raspberry explosion, complemented by a super ice-cold blast that delivers a refreshing twist.

Is this e-liquid suitable for different types of vaping devices?
Yes, Ultimate Puff On Ice – Raspberry is designed to be compatible with a range of vaping devices, ensuring you can enjoy its unique blend on your preferred setup.

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