Zonk E-Liquid 100ml


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Zonk E-Liquid 100ml

Indulge in the diverse world of Zonk! E-Liquid, a USA-manufactured assortment of premium e-liquids curated for discerning vapers. Immerse yourself in a selection that spans fruit, candy, and beverage-inspired delights. Our 100ml shortfill bottles provide ample space for personalization, accommodating nicotine shots to suit your preferences. The 70VG ratio guarantees a sublime sub-ohm experience, producing expansive vapour clouds and rich, immersive flavours. Dive into popular blends like Cotton Candy and Pink Lemonade, each bottle promising a journey into vaping excellence.



70VG Ratio: Achieve an optimal balance of vapour production and flavour intensity for a satisfying sub-ohm experience.

100ml Shortfill Bottles: Generous sizing allows for the addition of nicotine shots, ensuring flexibility in nicotine strength.

Fruit, Candy, and Beverage Flavours: Explore a diverse array of delectable tastes crafted to perfection, from fruity delights to sweet confections.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add nicotine to Zonk E-Liquid 100ml?
Absolutely! Our 100ml shortfill bottles are designed to accommodate nicotine shots, offering a customizable vaping experience.

What is the VG/PG ratio of Zonk E-Liquid?
This E-Liquid boasts a 70VG ratio, striking the perfect balance between vapour production and flavour intensity.

Are Zonk E-Liquids suitable for sub-ohm vaping?
Yes, the 70VG ratio makes the E-Liquids ideal for sub-ohm use, delivering large vapour clouds and intense flavours.