Voopoo Vinci X 510 Adapter


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Voopoo Vinci X 510 Adapter

Introducing the Voopoo Vinci X 510 Adapter, a clever accessory meticulously crafted for the VOOPOO VINCI and VINCI X Kit. This innovative 510 Adapter seamlessly replaces your regular pod, allowing you to effortlessly connect a tank of your choice to the Vinci or Vinci X device. Ideal for enthusiasts who prefer using an RDA/RTA or a compact sub-ohm tank, this adapter expands your vaping options. As a leading retailer of vape products, we present this versatile accessory to elevate your vaping experience. Unlock a world of possibilities by embracing the Voopoo Vinci X 510 Adapter.



Versatile Compatibility: The 510 Adapter is tailor-made for the VOOPOO VINCI and VINCI X Kit, ensuring a perfect fit.

Simple Installation: Effortlessly connect the adapter on top of your device, replacing the standard pod for quick and easy use.

Tank Flexibility: Attach any normal tank to the 510 connector, providing the freedom to choose the tank that suits your preferences.

Enhanced Vaping Experience: Perfect for those who enjoy using RDA/RTA or small sub-ohm tanks, elevating your overall vaping experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 510 Adapter compatible with both VINCI and VINCI X?
Yes, the 510 Adapter is specifically designed to seamlessly fit both VOOPOO VINCI and VINCI X Kits.

Can I use any tank with the 510 Adapter?
Absolutely! The 510 Adapter allows you to attach any normal tank of your choice, providing ultimate flexibility.

How do I install the Vinci X 510 Adapter?
Installing the adapter is simple – just replace your regular pod with the 510 Adapter on top of your device.