Voopoo PnP Pod Tank


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Voopoo PnP Pod Tank

The Voopoo PnP Pod Tank, a cutting-edge addition to our vape collection, delivers unmatched versatility and simplicity. This exceptional tank is compatible with Voopoo’s extensive PNP coil range, catering to Mouth To Lung (MTL), Restricted Direct To Lung (RDTL), and Direct To Lung (DTL) vaping preferences. With a 2ml E-Liquid capacity, stainless steel/PCTG construction, and adjustable airflow, it ensures a premium vaping experience. The 510 pin facilitates compatibility with various vape mods, or effortlessly transform it into a PNP pod for specific kits like the Drag S and Drag X. Your purchase includes two sub-ohm coils, setting you on the path to sublime vaping.



2ml E-Liquid Capacity: Ample capacity for extended vaping sessions without constant refilling.

510 Vape Tank: Versatile compatibility with a wide range of vape mods for a personalised setup.

Stainless Steel / PCTG Construction: Durable materials ensuring longevity and robust performance.

Adjustable Airflow: Tailor your airflow to suit your preferred vaping style for a customised experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which coils come with the Voopoo PnP Pod Tank?
Your purchase includes the VM1 0.3 Ohm Coil and the VM6 0.15 Ohm Coil, offering versatility for different vaping preferences.

What is the PCTG construction of the tank?
The tank is constructed with PCTG, a durable and heat-resistant material, ensuring longevity and robust performance.

Is the Voopoo PnP Pod Tank suitable for beginners?
Yes, it’s beginner-friendly and comes with two sub-ohm coils, making it a great choice for both beginners and experienced vapers.