Voopoo Drag S Drag X 4.5ml Pod Replacement


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Voopoo Drag S Drag X 4.5ml Pod Replacement (Pack of 2)

Elevate your vaping with the VOOPOO Drag X/S 4.5ml Pod Replacements, tailored for the Drag X and Drag S Kit. Crafted for optimal performance, these pods boast a generous 4.5ml juice capacity, ensuring extended vaping sessions. Designed exclusively for our retail vape store, these replacement pods deliver unparalleled satisfaction. The durable construction ensures longevity, while the seamless compatibility guarantees a hassle-free experience. Enjoy the convenience of a pack of two, always having a spare at hand. Upgrade your vaping game with VOOPOO’s Drag X/S 4.5ml Pod Replacements, the epitome of quality and reliability.



Generous 4.5ml Capacity: Enjoy extended vaping without constant refilling.

Perfect Fit: Specifically designed for VOOPOO Drag X & Drag S Kit.

Durable Construction: Ensures longevity and resilience.

Pack of 2: Convenience of a spare pod for uninterrupted vaping.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these pods compatible with other VOOPOO devices?
No, these pods are exclusively designed for Drag X and Drag S Kit.

How often should I replace the pods?
We recommend replacing them when you notice a decline in flavour or vapor production, typically every 1-2 weeks.

Can I use different e-liquids in the same pod?
While possible, it’s advised to use a separate pod for each flavour to avoid mixing.