Slushie E-Liquid 50ml


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Slushie E-Liquid 50ml

Slushie e-liquid presents a tantalising range of 50ml 0mg shortfills, capturing the essence of beloved slush puppy-styled drinks. Crafted with precision, these liquids boast an array of popular fruit and candy flavours, including the invigorating Blueberry Slush and the nostalgic Parma Slush. Ideal for sweltering summer days, each bottle is meticulously blended to a 70% VG ratio, ensuring an explosion of flavour and voluminous clouds when paired with a sub-ohm kit.



High VG Ratio: Slushie e-liquids are expertly formulated with a 70% VG ratio, delivering rich flavour and dense vapour production.

Variety of Flavours: Indulge in a selection of fruit and candy-inspired flavours, meticulously crafted to evoke memories of your favourite slush drinks.

Zero Nicotine: Enjoy the pure taste of our e-liquids with 0mg of nicotine, perfect for vapers seeking a nicotine-free experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these e-liquids suitable for use in sub-ohm devices?
Yes, our e-liquids are specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping, offering optimal performance and flavour.

Do these shortfills come with nicotine?
No, our 50ml shortfills are nicotine-free, allowing you to customise your vaping experience by adding nicotine shots if desired.

How long does a bottle typically last?
The longevity of a bottle depends on individual usage, but on average, a 50ml bottle can last several days to weeks.