Pick It Mix It E-Liquid 100ml


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Pick It Mix It E-Liquid 100ml

Indulge in the delightful world of vaping with our Pick It Mix It E-Liquid Shortfill Collection. Named after the iconic Woolworth’s pick-and-mix sweets, these 100ml e-liquids promise a nostalgic journey through your favourite candy flavours. Crafted with expertise and a perfect 60:40 e-liquid ratio, each bottle delivers smooth, flavour-packed clouds, satisfying your sweet tooth cravings. The 100ml shortfill design offers flexibility, allowing you to tailor your vaping experience with the addition of nicotine shots. Take a trip down memory lane with every puff and immerse yourself in the irresistible tastes of our Pick It Mix It E-Liquid Collection.



60:40 E-Liquid Ratio: Each flavour boasts a meticulously balanced 60:40 e-liquid ratio, guaranteeing a smooth vaping experience with rich, full-bodied flavour profiles.

Inspired by Pick-and-Mix: Our collection draws inspiration from the classic Woolworth’s pick-and-mix sweets, ensuring an authentic and nostalgic taste in every bottle.

100ml Shortfill Bottles: Enjoy the freedom to customise your nicotine strength with our 100ml shortfill bottles, allowing for a personalised vaping experience tailored to your preferences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix different flavours from the Pick It Mix It E-Liquid Collection?
While our collection offers a variety of flavours, we recommend enjoying each one individually to fully appreciate the unique taste profiles.

How do I add nicotine shots to the 100ml shortfill bottles?
Adding nicotine shots is simple. Remove the cap, pour in the nicotine shot, and shake well. Follow our user-friendly guide for a seamless experience.