Nasty Juice Nic Salts 10ml/20mg

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Nasty Juice Nic Salts 10ml/20mg

Discover the exquisite world of Nasty Juice Nic Salt e-liquids at our online vape store. Our Nasty Juice Nic Salts collection amalgamates all the beloved Nasty Juice flavours, alongside some innovative additions, crafted into a sublime nic salt range. Satisfy your cravings with this 20mg strength nicotine salt formula that enhances the smoothness of popular blends like ASAP Grape and Bad Blood. Ideal for vapers seeking a delightful nicotine and taste experience, our Nasty Salts are curated to elevate your vaping journey.



Nicotine Strength: Our Nasty Nic Salts boast a potent 20mg nicotine strength, delivering a satisfying hit with each puff.

Flavour Fusion: Immerse yourself in a fusion of popular Nasty flavours, carefully blended to perfection for an unparalleled vaping experience.

Smooth Nicotine Salt Formula: Experience the ultimate smoothness as the nicotine salt formula enhances the texture and taste of your favourite blends like ASAP Grape and Bad Blood.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nicotine strength of Nasty Nic Salts?
Nasty Nic Salts come in a robust 20mg nicotine strength, providing a powerful yet smooth vaping experience.

Can I find classic Nasty Juice flavours in the Nic Salts range?
Absolutely! The Nasty Nic Salts collection features a blend of popular Nasty Juice flavours, offering a diverse and satisfying selection.

How do Nic Salts curb nicotine cravings?
The nicotine salt formula in Nasty Nic Salts provides a smoother delivery of nicotine, curbing cravings effectively and offering a delightful vaping experience.