Menthol Vape E-Liquid 50ml


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Menthol Vape E-Liquid 50ml

Introducing Menthol Vape E-Liquid 50ml, a premium shortfill crafted for sub-ohm enthusiasts. With a meticulously balanced composition of 70% VG and 30% Mixed PG, this e-liquid guarantees a velvety, satisfying menthol experience. Each 50ml bottle is infused with high-quality menthol, providing ample space for a 10ml Nicotine Shot, resulting in a 60ml bottle boasting 3mg strength. The precise concentration ratio and premium food flavourings establish it as the top choice for sub-ohm vaping, delivering an invigorating and refreshing sensation that sets it apart. Elevate your vaping journey with Menthol Vape E-Liquid 50ml, where quality meets satisfaction.



Premium Shortfill: Immerse yourself in a premium vaping experience with our meticulously crafted shortfill, designed for sub-ohm aficionados.

70% VG, 30% Mixed PG: Enjoy a smooth and velvety texture with the optimal blend of 70% VG and 30% Mixed PG, ensuring a rich, satisfying menthol experience.

Menthol-Infused E-Liquid: Indulge in the refreshing coolness of high-quality menthol, meticulously infused into every drop of our E-Liquid.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Nicotine Shot with Menthol Vape E-Liquid 50ml?
Simply add the 10ml Nicotine Shot to the 50ml bottle, giving you a 60ml blend with a satisfying 3mg strength. Shake well before vaping.

Is Menthol Vape E-Liquid suitable for all types of vape devices?
Yes, our E-Liquid is crafted for sub-ohm vaping, making it compatible with a wide range of vape devices.

Can I use Menthol Vape E-Liquid without the Nicotine Shot?
Absolutely, you can enjoy the pure menthol experience without adding the Nicotine Shot for a nicotine-free option.