Lost Mary MaryLiq Nic Salt 20mg (Pack of 10)


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Lost Mary MaryLiq Nic Salt 20mg (Pack of 10)

Lost Mary MaryLiq creates MaryLiq e-liquids, which highlight the well-known tastes of their best-selling disposables in a handy 20mg dose. Ten different flavors—fruit, menthol, soda, cocktail, and tobacco blends—are included in this box to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Compared to standard freebase nicotine alternatives, these e-liquids with nic salt infusion promise a smoother throat hit and faster desire fulfillment. Enhance your vape products with MaryLiq, which is sold in large quantities at Premium Online Vaping.


Wide Variety of Flavours: fruit, tobacco, soda, menthol, cocktail, and mixes.

Strong Nicotine (20MG): Offers a balanced and enjoyable vaping experience.

Quick Nicotine: Faster nicotine pleasure and a smoother throat hit are guaranteed with nic salt infusion.

Ten-piece set: Cost-effective and practical packaging for shops.

Lost Mary MaryLiq Nic Salt 20mg