Loaded E Liquid 100ml


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Loaded E Liquid 100ml

Explore the exquisite range of Loaded E-Liquids, meticulously crafted by Ruthless Vapor for discerning vapers. Our 100ml Shortfills boast a 70% VG consistency, catering to sub ohm enthusiasts who crave intense flavour and thick clouds. Each bottle is a testament to our commitment to quality and taste, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience. As a leading retail platform for vape products, we proudly present Loaded E Liquid, the epitome of indulgence for cloud-chasing aficionados.



Rich Flavour: Immerse yourself in an array of decadent flavours crafted to perfection.

70% VG Consistency: Ideal for cloud chasing and sub ohm vaping, delivering a satisfyingly thick vapour.

Meticulously Crafted: Every bottle reflects Ruthless Vapor’s dedication to quality and taste.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the VG consistency of Loaded Liquid?
Loaded E Liquid comes with a 70% VG consistency, perfect for cloud chasing.

Are there different flavour options available?
Yes, Loaded E-Liquids offer a diverse range of decadent flavours to suit every palate.

Can Loaded E Liquid be used with sub ohm devices?
Absolutely, the 70% VG consistency makes it ideal for sub ohm vaping and cloud enthusiasts.