Just Juice E-Liquid 50ml


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Just Juice E-Liquid 50ml

Enhance your vaping experience with Just Juice E-Liquid 50ml. Our exclusive 50ml vape liquids are crafted to make your favourite Just Juice flavour last longer. Housed in specially designed ‘hourglass’ 60ml shortfill bottles, these innovative containers allow easy mixing of your 50ml base juice with a 10ml nic shot for a personalised nicotine level. Alternatively, enjoy the pure, nicotine-free vape straight from the bottle. Whether you crave exotic fruit bundles or individual mixing bottles in various delightful flavours, Just Juice guarantees the highest quality and innovation in every 50ml e-liquid.



Hourglass Shortfill Bottles: Our unique 60ml shortfill bottles are designed like an hourglass, providing a distinctive look and practicality for easy mixing.

Versatile Mixing Options: Tailor your vaping experience by blending the 50ml base juice with a 10ml nic shot of your choice or indulge in the nicotine-free option.

Wide Flavour Selection: From exotic fruit bundles to an array of individual mixing bottles, explore a spectrum of delicious flavours catering to diverse vaping preferences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix the 50ml base juice with any nic shot?
Absolutely, our 60ml shortfill bottles are designed to accommodate any 10ml nic shot of your choice, providing a personalised nicotine level.

Is it necessary to mix the 50ml base juice with a nic shot?
No, it’s entirely up to you. Our 50ml e-liquids can be vaped as is, offering a nicotine-free option for those who prefer it.

Are the hourglass bottles easy to squeeze?
Yes, the hourglass design not only looks unique but also ensures easy squeezing for effortless mixing.