Haze Legend 3500 Puff 1000MG CBD Disposable


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Haze Legend 3500 Puff 1000MG CBD Disposable

Introducing the Haze Legend 3500 Puff 1000MG CBD Disposable, a pinnacle of CBD innovation. This sleek and convenient disposable bar boasts an impressive 1000mg of premium CBD, offering a seamless integration of relaxation into your daily routine. Whether you’re a seasoned CBD enthusiast or a newcomer, the Haze Legend ensures a hassle-free experience. With seven bold and refreshing flavours to choose from in the Legend range, each puff delivers a burst of satisfaction. Crafted for those who appreciate premium quality, this CBD bar is a perfect companion for moments of tranquility, elevating your vaping experience.



High CBD Content: Enjoy 1000mg of premium CBD in every Legend bar for a potent and satisfying experience.

Convenience at its Best: Designed for ease, the disposable nature of the bar eliminates the need for refills or charging, ensuring a seamless experience.

Bold and Refreshing Flavours: Immerse yourself in a selection of seven distinctive flavours, catering to diverse preferences and enhancing your vaping pleasure.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Haze 3500 Puff 1000MG CBD Disposable last?
The longevity of the disposable bar depends on individual usage, but on average, it provides approximately 3500 puffs.

Can I recharge or refill the Haze CBD Disposable?
No, the Haze Legend is designed for convenience and is not rechargeable or refillable, offering a hassle-free vaping experience.

Can I travel with the Haze CBD Disposable?
Yes, the Haze Legend is travel-friendly and complies with regulations, making it a convenient companion wherever your journey takes you.