Felony E Liquid 100ml


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Lemon Drizzle Cake10£5.99
Blue Bon Bon10£5.99
Red Berry Jam D'nut10£5.99
Apple Pie & Custard10£5.99
Strawberry Candy Floss10£5.99
Blueberry Jam D'nut10£5.99
Apple Pear Ice10£5.99
Apple Pear10£5.99
Apricot Yoghurt10£5.99
Bakewell Tart10£5.99
Blackcurrant Lychee Ice10£5.99
Blue Raspberry10£5.99
Candy Cane10£5.99
Cherry Tunes10£5.99
Drum Sticks10£5.99
Grape Raspberry Ice10£5.99
Grape Raspberry10£5.99
Lemon Refresher10£5.99
Mango Passion Fruit Ice10£5.99
Mango Passionfruit10£5.99
Peach Passionfruit10£5.99
Raspberry Ice10£5.99
Raspberry Tart10£5.99
Rhubarb Custard10£5.99
Spearmint Chews10£5.99
Strawberry Kiwi Ice10£5.99
The Blue10£5.99
Watermelon Ice10£5.99


Felony E Liquid 100ml

Welcome to Felony E Liquid, where sophistication meets flavour in our exceptional 100ml Shortfill E-liquids collection. Crafted with precision in the UK, our eliquids redefine vaping pleasure. Indulge in the iconic British Bakewell Tart or unravel the mystique of Blue Bon Bon, as each bottle encapsulates a masterstroke of taste. Whether you crave fruity bursts, minty freshness, or decadent desserts, our curated collection unlocks the gateway to your ultimate vaping satisfaction. Explore a world of quality and distinction; Felony E Liquid—your passport to unparalleled vaping experiences.



High-Quality Ingredients: Immerse yourself in a blend of premium, carefully sourced ingredients for a truly indulgent vaping experience.

100ml Shortfill Bottles: Generously sized bottles provide an extended vaping experience, ensuring you’re well-stocked with your favourite flavour.

Wide Flavour Range: From the familiar comfort of British Bakewell Tart to the mysterious allure of Blue Bon Bon, our collection caters to diverse taste preferences.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much e-liquid is in each bottle?
Each Felony E Liquid bottle contains 100ml of premium e-liquid, ensuring a generous supply for your vaping pleasure.

Are the ingredients in Felony E Liquid safe?
Yes, our eliquids are crafted with high-quality, safe ingredients, providing you with a secure and enjoyable vaping experience.