Empire White by Colinss 10ml


A purely sweet fruit mix.

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Empire White by Colinss 10ml

A lot of fruit-based liquids combine sweet and sour flavors at varying degrees, but not Empire White. This is a liquid that has no sour tastes whatsoever! It’s a purely sweet fruit mix that not only tastes great but vapes great as well.

Empire White is remarkable for the overall quality of its vapor. It delivers chunky white clouds that perform brilliantly at every point of the vape. The inhale and exhale are both superb, including the nose exhale!

The strength of the throat kick changes with output, resistance and nicotine levels but once you find your sweet spot, you are guaranteed one of the most satisfying vaping experiences ever.

  • TPD compliant and registered product
  • ColinS base: PG 40/60 VG
  • Size: 10ml

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12mg, 18mg, 3mg, 6mg


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