Datt Shot Nicotine 18mg 10ML


Nicotine Strength: 18mg
USP Glycerin: 100%
USP Nicotine: 1.8%
Bottle Size: 10ml Bottle / 10ml Content
Made in UK
ECID Number: 0226-17-19462


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Datt Shot Nicotine 18mg 10ML

Datt Shot Nicotine 18mg 10ML is the ultimate solution for elevating your vaping experience. As a leading retail platform specializing in vape products, we proudly present this high-quality nicotine shot. Transform any E-Liquid short fill into a perfectly balanced 60ml 3mg bottle of e-liquid effortlessly. Crafted with precision using only the finest USP grade nicotine, Datt Shot guarantees a remarkably smooth throat hit, setting it apart from other nicotine shots on the market. Unleash the full potential of your favourite e-liquids with Datt Shot, the go-to choice for vapers seeking a seamless and enjoyable nicotine enhancement.



High-Quality Nicotine: Datt Shot contains premium USP grade nicotine, ensuring a superior vaping experience with a smooth throat hit.

Easy Integration: Effortlessly increase the nicotine level of any E-Liquid short fill to achieve a perfect 60ml 3mg bottle of e-liquid.

Seamless Transformation: Enjoy the convenience of turning your favourite e-liquids into a well-balanced blend without compromising on flavour.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Datt Shot Nicotine compatible with all E-Liquids?
Yes, Datt Shot is designed for universal compatibility, allowing you to enhance the nicotine level of any E-Liquid short fill.

How long does the 10ML bottle of Datt Shot last?
The 10ML bottle is carefully measured to enhance multiple E-Liquid short fills, providing long-lasting value.

Is Datt Shot suitable for sub-ohm vaping?
Yes, Datt Shot is crafted for a seamless integration into sub-ohm setups, delivering a satisfying vaping experience.