Crystal Clear Salts 20MG

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Crystal Clear Salts 20MG

Introducing Crystal Clear Salts 20MG, an exquisite range of UK-made nic salt e-liquids designed for the discerning vape enthusiast. Drawing inspiration from the popular flavors found in disposable vapes, including enticing fruit, invigorating ice, and delightful candy blends, Crystal Clear Salts are perfect for refillable vape kits. Crafted with precision, the use of salt nicotine ensures a velvety smooth throat hit and swift craving satisfaction. With a 50% VG concentration, these e-liquids produce a discreet amount of vapor, delivering a tight, cigarette-like draw ideal for MTL (Mouth To Lung) vaping experiences.



Diverse Flavour Range: Crystal Clear Salts offer a spectrum of flavours, inspired by the most loved disposable vape options.

Salt Nicotine Formula: Ensures a seamless throat hit and rapid craving relief for a satisfying vaping experience.

50% VG Concentration: Generates a discreet vapor output with a tight, MTL draw reminiscent of traditional cigarette smoking.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Crystal Clear Salts different from regular e-liquids?
These Salts stand out with their use of salt nicotine, providing a smoother hit and faster satisfaction.

Can I use these Salts in any vape kit?
These e-liquids are designed for refillable MTL vape kits.

What VG concentration is present in these Salts?
These Salts boast a 50% VG concentration, striking the perfect balance for discreet vapour production.