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Bazooka Nic Salts 10ml/20mg

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Bazooka Nic Salts 10ml/20mg

Indulge in the explosive world of vaping with Bazooka Sour Straws Nic Salts. Expertly mixed by professionals, these nicotine salts offer a symphony of intense flavours, promising a vaping experience like no other. Each Sour Straws variant presents a deep and rich taste profile, delivering premium quality blends at a potent 20mg nicotine strength. Affordable prices make these salts accessible to all vapers, ensuring satisfaction without breaking the bank. Elevate your vaping journey with Bazooka Nic Salts, where every puff is a burst of delightful sensation.



Professional Mix: Crafted by skilled experts, ensuring a perfectly balanced and satisfying vaping experience.

Explosive Flavours: Nic Salts provide an array of intense and explosive flavours.

20mg Nicotine Strength: Experience a bold nicotine hit for a fulfilling vape session.


Frequently Asked Questions

What nicotine strength do these Nic Salts offer?
Bazooka Nic Salts are available in a potent 20mg nicotine strength.

Are the flavours in the Sour Straws Nic Salts intense?
Absolutely! Our salts deliver explosive flavours for a rich and satisfying vaping experience.

Who mixes these Nic Salts?
Our salts are mixed by professional experts, ensuring a premium and balanced vaping experience.