Base Mix – 1 Litre


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Base Mix – 1 Litre

Elevate your vaping experience with our Base Mix – 1 Litre, the perfect foundation for crafting your bespoke vape liquids. Choose between two meticulously crafted formulations: a 70VG 30PG blend for robust vapour production or a balanced 50VG 50PG ratio. Our 1-litre quantity ensures an ample supply for your creative mixing needs. Dive into a world of customisation, where quality meets versatility. As a leading retailer of vape products, we provide you with a premium base mix that forms the canvas for your unique vaping masterpiece.



Versatile Formulas: Select from a 70VG 30PG or 50VG 50PG ratio for a tailored vaping experience.

High-Quality Ingredients: Our Mix is composed of top-tier VG and PG for a smooth and satisfying vape.

Large 1-Litre Quantity: Ensure an extended supply, perfect for frequent vapers and mixologists.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the 70VG 30PG and 50VG 50PG ratios?
The 70VG 30PG ratio provides enhanced vapour production, while the 50VG 50PG ratio offers a balanced experience with both vapour and flavour.

Can I use the Base Mix with any flavour concentrates?
Absolutely! Our Base Mix is designed to complement a wide range of flavour concentrates, giving you the freedom to create your ideal vape liquid.

Is the 1-litre size convenient for regular vapers?
Yes, our 1-litre size is perfect for those who enjoy frequent vaping sessions, ensuring you always have an ample supply on hand.