Bar Fills E-Liquid 100ml


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Bar Fills E-Liquid 100ml

Elevate your vaping experience with Bar Fills 100ml E-Liquid, a premium shortfill crafted for sub-ohm enthusiasts. This tantalizing blend is housed in a 120ml bottle, leaving ample space for 2 nicotine shots, ensuring a customizable and satisfying vape. The perfectly balanced 70 VG and 30 PG ratio makes it an ideal choice for sub-ohm vaping, delivering rich clouds and intense flavour. Bar Fills E-Liquid is a must-have for those seeking a bespoke vaping adventure. As a leading online retailer of vape products, we proudly offer this 100ml shortfill to enhance your selection and cater to your unique preferences.



Sub-Ohm Optimized: Bar Fills E-Liquid is designed specifically for sub-ohm vaping, ensuring a satisfying and flavourful experience for advanced users.

Premium Ingredients: Our e-liquid is made from high-quality ingredients, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable vape every time.

Wide Selection of Flavours: Explore a diverse range of enticing flavours within the E-Liquid collection, catering to various taste preferences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix the E-Liquid with other flavours?
Absolutely! Experiment with mixing Bar Fills flavours to create your unique and personalized vaping experience.

How long does a 100ml bottle typically last?
The longevity varies based on individual usage, but on average, a 100ml bottle lasts frequent vapers several weeks.

Is it suitable for beginners?
This E-Liquid is designed for sub-ohm enthusiasts; beginners may prefer starting with lower VG blends.