Aspire Revvo Arc Coils


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Aspire Revvo Arc Coils

Elevate your vaping experience with the Aspire Revvo ARC replacement coils. Featuring the groundbreaking Aspire Radial Coil (ARC) technology, these coils boast a resistance range from 0.10ohm to 0.16ohm. The ARC design, with its expansive surface area, ensures superior wicking, translating to exceptional flavour production. Ideal for vape enthusiasts seeking a robust and satisfying vape, these coils promise a smooth and flavourful draw with every puff. As a premier retail destination for vape products, we proudly offer the Revvo ARC Coils to enhance your vaping pleasure.



Aspire Radial Coil (ARC) Technology: The innovative ARC design maximizes surface area for optimal wicking and flavour.

Wide Resistance Range: Enjoy versatility with a resistance range from 0.10ohm to 0.16ohm.

Outstanding Flavour Production: Experience rich and satisfying flavours with every inhale.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Revvo ARC Coils compatible with other tanks?
No, these coils are specifically designed for use with the Aspire Revvo Tank.

What is the recommended wattage range for these coils?
The Revvo ARC Coils perform optimally within a wattage range of 50W to 100W.

How long do these coils typically last?
Coil lifespan can vary based on usage, but on average, users can expect them to last 1 to 2 weeks.