Aspire Pockex Pyrex Tube


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Aspire Pockex Pyrex Tube

Enhance your Aspire PockeX with our bespoke Pyrex Tube replacement. Crafted for durability, the metal casing adds an extra layer of sturdiness, ensuring longevity for your vaping pleasure. The transparent view port allows easy monitoring of e-liquid levels, preventing unexpected surprises. Perfectly tailored for the PockeX model, this Pyrex Tube combines functionality and style, providing a seamless vaping experience. As a leading retailer of top-notch vape products, we bring you this essential accessory to elevate your vaping journey.



Durable Pyrex Construction: The replacement tube is made from high-quality Pyrex material, ensuring durability and resistance to cracks or breakage.

Enhanced Metal Casing: A robust metal casing provides additional protection, safeguarding your Pyrex Tube from daily wear and tear.

Transparent View Port: Easily keep track of your e-liquid levels through the transparent view port, preventing unexpected shortages.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the Aspire Pockex Pyrex Tube?
Simply unscrew the old tube and replace it with the new Pyrex Tube, ensuring a snug fit.

Is the metal casing heavy?
No, the metal casing is designed to add sturdiness without compromising on weight, maintaining a comfortable vaping experience.

Can I use this Aspire Pockex Pyrex Tube with other vape models?
No, it is specifically designed for the Aspire PockeX and may not fit other models.