Aspire BVC Coils


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Aspire BVC Coils

Discover exceptional vaping with the Aspire BVC Coils, designed for optimal performance in the Aspire K2 Vape Tank and various BDC Clearomisers. Embrace a rich and flavourful experience, thanks to the innovative BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Configuration. These coils, available in 1.6 Ohm and 1.8 Ohm resistances, cater to both new users seeking a satisfying mouth-to-lung vape and those desiring a medium to strong throat hit. Elevate your vaping journey with coils crafted for enhanced flavour and impressive cloud production.



BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Configuration: Unleash an immersive vaping experience with the advanced BVC design, enhancing both flavour and cloud production.

Versatile Compatibility: Perfectly suited for the Aspire K2 Vape Tank and a range of BDC Clearomisers, ensuring adaptability to various setups.

Dual Resistance Options: Choose between 1.6 Ohm and 1.8 Ohm resistances to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the BVC Coils compatible with other Aspire tanks?
These coils are specifically designed for the K2 Vape Tank and BDC Clearomisers.

How often should I replace the BVC coils?
For optimal performance, it’s recommended to replace the coils every 1-2 weeks, depending on usage.

Can I use high VG e-liquids with these coils?
While the coils work best with high PG e-liquids, they can handle some high VG blends. However, be mindful of potential coil lifespan reduction.