Nasty Juice CushMan


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Nasty Juice Cushman


“Cush Man By Nasty Juice” is your entry point to a thrilling vaping experience that is pleasantly distinctive.

You’ll be taken to a tropical haven with each draw, where a flavorful mango takes centre stage.

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Exhale with a Refreshing Mint Kick: gives you a minty exhale that gives your palate a boost and makes you want more.nasty juice cushman

Immerse yourself in the delicious essence of ripe mangoes with this flavorful, juicy mango food. Each song is a tropical deliciousness explosion.

Tropical Fruit Blend: In addition to mango, indulge in a symphony of other tropical fruits that harmoniously blend together to create a memorable vape.

Cooling notes: Each drag is enhanced by a wonderful cooling feeling that adds to the overall flavour profile.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Nicotine Concentrations Are Offered for Cush Man by Nasty Juice?
Cush Man by Nasty Juice is offered in a range of nicotine levels to suit different tastes.

Is Cush Man Compatible with All Vaping Equipment?
 Sub-ohm tanks and pod systems are only two of the many vape devices that Cush Man is made to work with.

How Should I Keep Cush Man E-Liquid Stored?
Keep nasty juice cushman Juice out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry area to maintain its flavour and freshness.


Cush Man Yummy Series 10ml TPD bcush man e liquid by nasty juice

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3mg, 6mg

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