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Indulge in the straightforward and invigorating essence of Ice Menthol nicotine salt e-liquid by Pod Salt. A no-nonsense blend that captures the essence of pure menthol, delivering a crisp and revitalizing sensation with every inhale. The icy coolness permeates the entire vape, providing a refreshingly brisk finish that satisfies your craving for a menthol-infused experience. Immerse yourself in the simplicity of this uncompromising menthol blend and enjoy a truly refreshing vape.


  • Pure menthol blend for a straightforward experience
  • Icy coolness throughout the vape
  • Crisp and revitalizing sensation
  • Ideal for menthol enthusiasts

Q: What makes Ice Menthol by Pod Salt stand out?
A: Ice Menthol offers a pure and uncomplicated menthol experience that delivers a crisp and refreshing icy sensation, perfect for menthol lovers seeking a straightforward vape.

Q: Is this e-liquid suitable for sub-ohm devices?
A: Ice Menthol nicotine salt e-liquid is formulated for use with pod systems and other low-power devices, providing a satisfying experience with a smoother nicotine hit.

Q: Does the icy sensation linger in the aftertaste?
A: Yes, the icy coolness of Ice Menthol persists, leaving you with a refreshing and invigorating finish that’s perfect for a cool and crisp vape.

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