Grappy by My Salts 20mg 10ml


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Grappy by My Salts 20mg 10ml


Experience the unique allure of Grappy by My Salts. This 10ml bottle, featuring a 20mg nicotine strength, offers an intriguing blend of succulent grapes and crisp apples. With every inhale, indulge in the harmonious fusion of sweet grapes and tangy apples that dance on your palate. Meticulously crafted, this e-liquid delivers a balanced and satisfying vaping experience, perfect for those seeking a refreshing and fruity delight. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Grappy by My Salts, capturing the essence of two beloved fruits in a single, harmonious vape.

Fruity Harmony: Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of succulent grapes and crisp apples, offering a delightful fruit fusion.

Balanced flavour Profile: The combination of grapes and apples provides a balanced interplay of sweetness and tartness, satisfying the palate.

Nicotine Strength: With a 20mg nicotine strength, this e-liquid provides a satisfying nicotine hit for those seeking a potent experience.

Refreshing Vaping Experience: The fruity flavours of Grappy by My Salts offer a refreshing and invigorating vaping journey, perfect for fruit enthusiasts.

Is this e-liquid suitable for pod systems?
Yes, Grappy by My Salts is designed for pod systems, delivering a harmonious blend of grape and apple flavours.

What nicotine strength is available?
The 10ml bottle typically offers a 20mg nicotine strength, providing a satisfying nicotine hit.

Does it provide an authentic grape and apple experience?
Absolutely, Grappy by My Salts combines the flavours of sweet grapes and crisp apples for a refreshing and balanced vape.

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