Fusions Lemon Cake by Pod Salt 10ml


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Fusions Lemon Cake by Pod Salt 10ml

Explore the delightful Lemon Cake Nic Salt, a collaboration between Pod Salt and Vaper’s Oven. Immerse yourself in the pliant and zesty essence of a vanilla sponge cake, enhanced with a tantalising touch of lemon zest. This invigorating tongue-twisting baked treat perfectly balances dessert and citrus notes, pleasing enthusiasts of both flavours.


  • Supple vanilla sponge cake.
  • Tangy lemon zest drizzle.
  • Nicotine salt formulation for smooth satisfaction.

Q: Is this e-liquid suitable for pod systems?

A: Yes, Lemon Cake Nic Salt is designed for pod devices, delivering an exceptional vaping experience.

Q: What’s the nicotine strength range available?

A: Choose from a variety of nicotine strengths to suit your preference and cravings.

Q: Can I enjoy both dessert and citrus flavours in one vape?

A: Absolutely, this e-liquid beautifully combines the richness of cake with the invigorating twist of lemon zest.

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