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R and M Tornado 10mg Nic Salts (Box of 10)

R and M Tornado Nic Salts redefine vaping with 1% OR 2% (10mg) (20mg) nicotine strength, offering unparalleled versatility. Available in packs of 10, not singularly, it comes in 25 irresistible flavours, guaranteeing a distinct vaping journey with every choice. Keep your vape business ahead of the curve with this ground-breaking product, setting you apart in the industry. FREE ASPIRE R1 KIT when you buy a box



Smooth Nicotine Delivery: R and M Tornado Nic Salts deliver a smooth and satisfying nicotine hit, making it ideal for smokers transitioning to vaping.

Long-Lasting Flavour: The flavour profiles in these salts are designed to provide a long-lasting and consistent taste throughout the vape session.

Pack Versatility: Sold in packs rather than individually, it’s perfect for wholesalers and bulk buyers, streamlining inventory management and ensuring a steady supply for your customers. free kit when you buy 10 nic salts same flavour aspire r1 kit main 1600x1600 1


The Aspire One Up R1 rechargeable disposable vape can be refilled and re-used around ten times to produce approximately 5,280 puffs. That’s equivalent to ten standard disposable vapes, making the Aspire One Up R1 a cheaper alternative to disposable vapes when pairing the device with a standard 10ml nic salt e-liquid.

A single 10ml e-liquid will fill this device 5 times, producing around 3,000 puffs, with the potential to produce around another 3,000 puffs from the same device with another 10ml bottle, depending on your vaping style. Choose from a variety of bar salt 10ml e-liquids that replicate flavours from standard disposable vapes.

With its compact design, The Aspire One Up R1 rechargeable disposable vape is convenient to store and portable for travelling. The small size makes this disposable a must have vape device for vapers on the go.

Featuring a rechargeable built-in battery capacity of 650 mAh and a coil resistance of 0.8Ω, there should be enough power to last all day, depending on your style of vaping, perfect for being out and about.

  • Rechargeable 650 mAh internal battery
  • Draw-activated
  • Refillable pod free kit when you buy 10 nic salts same flavour new project free kit when you buy 10 nic salts same flavour aspire r1 rechargeable disposabl

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Lemon and Lime, Cool Mint, Mixed Berries, Cherry, Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice, Dr Blue, Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade, Strawberry Grape, Blueberry Pomegranate, Blue Razz Lemonade, Blue Razz Cherry, Ice Pop, Blueberry Raspberry, Strawberry Banana, Cherry Cola, Banana ice, Grape ice, Cola Ice, Fizzy Cherry, Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, Blue Sour Raspberry, Blueberry Cherry Cranberry, Skittlez, Pineapple Ice


10MG, 20MG

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