Forest Fruits by Tiny Cloudz


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Forest Fruits by Tiny Cloudz

Introducing Forest Fruits Nic Salt E-Liquid by Tiny Cloudz – a luscious blend of wild berries that takes your taste buds on an enchanting journey through the forest. This e-liquid captures the essence of nature’s bounty, offering a symphony of ripe and juicy berries. Notably, Forest Fruits Nic Salt E-Liquid uses freebase nicotine, ensuring a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.


  • Luscious blend of wild berries for a truly natural taste.
  • Incorporates freebase nicotine for a smoother vape.
  • Immerse yourself in the succulent richness of forest fruits.

Q: What berry flavours are included in the blend?

A: Forest Fruits Nic Salt E-Liquid features a medley of wild berries, offering a diverse and delicious experience.

Q: Can I use this e-liquid in sub-ohm devices?

A: As this e-liquid uses freebase nicotine, it’s suitable for a variety of vaping devices, including sub-ohm setups.

Q: Is the nicotine strength adjustable?

A: Yes, you can choose from different nicotine strengths to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences.

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