Doozy Salts Caramel Tobacco ICE Nic Salt 10ml


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Doozy Salts Caramel Tobacco ICE Nic Salt 10ml


Embark on a journey of complexity with Caramel Tobacco Ice Nicotine Salt E-liquid by Doozy Vape Co. This exceptional blend introduces a distinctive twist to traditional tobacco. A robust tobacco essence emerges with deep, woody undertones, creating a bold foundation. Enveloping this is the luxurious embrace of rich caramel, infusing sweetness that perfectly balances the tobacco’s intensity. The symphony concludes with a refreshing exhale of cool menthol, delivering a well-rounded and satisfying vaping experience.


A captivating fusion of tobacco, caramel, and menthol.
Dark, woody tobacco notes provide an authentic foundation.
Rich caramel adds a decadent sweetness to the blend.
Cool menthol on the finish offers a refreshing touch.


Is the tobacco flavour overpowering?
The tobacco flavour is well-balanced, allowing the caramel and menthol to complement and enhance the overall profile.

What makes this blend unique?
The combination of tobacco, caramel, and menthol creates a distinctive experience that appeals to those seeking complexity and depth.

Is this e-liquid suitable for transitioning smokers?
Absolutely, the blend offers a familiar tobacco note while introducing exciting new layers for an enjoyable vaping journey.

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